Mindfulness and it's hidden gem

Mindfulness is not a quick fix

I'm sometimes a little disappointed with how Mindfulness is being seen as a quick fix for one affliction or another. Mindfulness is not a remedy like popping a pill and expecting life to be perfect. In fact most of us that practice Mindfulness will tell you that it's a tough journey, one that takes you into the depths of your emotions, one that makes you challenge everything that you have always taken as truth.

However if you are willing to see Mindfulness as a way of life, one that is life changing once you commit to a sustained practice, then you will be able to experience the hidden gem that is Mindfulness.

What is the hidden gem of Mindfulness?

In life we get attached to people, to expectations of others, the way we want things to be and the way we want people to be with us. We find it difficult to let go and move on from situations and people who are not treating us as we want, preferring to spend our energy and life trying to make them how we want them to be.

Surely it's easier to let go of people and situations that do not serve us, even if they once did? In my experience the process of detaching from habits, from people in our lives can be one of the most challenging times.

If you are invested in security and certainty then you are on the wrong planet - Pema Chodron


We refuse to see that it's better to be alone than to be with people who perhaps make us feel less or drain our energy. What's more keeping hold of these unhealthy relationships, stops us from flowing in life, in moving forward, in opening ourselves to other experiences. And this is the saddest part of holding onto things and people due to fear of letting go.

So how does Mindfulness help with this?

Mindfulness teaches us how to live in the moment. Through the practice of Mindfulness we learn to reflect on the past but not live in it. 

When we explore and get to know our selves deeply, we start to understand why it is we are afraid to be alone or to let go of what no longer serves us. 

Mindfulness teaches us to live in the flow of life, without the need to control every situation, every outcome and every person who enters our life. 

As we practice, we learn to sit with ease even when we are struggling with a difficulty. We do this through our formal meditation practice and through our conscious awareness of what is going on in our mind. 

This is not an easy way of life when you first embark on Mindful living, it can kick up so much dust from your past but once the dust settles, you will find an inner peace that can be difficult to ever fully be disturbed again.

This is the hidden gem of Mindfulness.