sixth sense

How Mindfulness Awakens Our Sixth Sense

Most of us go about our daily lives functioning at a conscious level, discarding anything that is not what we perceive as real. 

We are externally stimulated by our five senses on a constant basis. We use our sense of sound, taste, sight, smell and touch in order to function. Each of these senses are directly associated with a particular body part, for example we use our eyes to see or our ears to hear. It's something that comes natural, we don't have to try to hard, unless of course we are blind or deaf, in which case we develop the other senses to compensate.

Science proves that our brain has evolved enormously and that it is three times the size it was seven million years ago. Given this shouldn't we be functioning perfectly? At the very least we should be able to be happy.

Has our over reliance on our conscious awareness disconnected us from our subconscious awareness? 

The Polynesian's mapped out the sea's before we even knew the Earth was round, using their sixth sense or what we call intuition. Their deep connection with nature and knowledge of the stars, enabled them to journey into places formally undiscovered. Christopher Columbus set out to find America trusting his instinct that in fact Earth was not flat. 

Trust the power of intuition. It’s your connection to the past, present and future.
— Malidoma Some

Mindfulness helps us tap into our intuition

In our effort to advance we have become disconnected with nature and our natural intuition. We easily discard anything that is not rational or easy to see. How often do we ignore those hunches, those feelings and first instincts because they seems so irrational? 

Perhaps in our quest for knowledge and development, we have in fact lost abilities we have naturally. We have lost that animal instinct, the closeness with our universe that makes us feel whole. And this is why we suffer so much from loneliness, depression and what some may call hopelessness. 

Intuition is to see within - the sea within can not be restrained
— Rick Riordan

We are constantly distracted by noise and call it entertainment because the thought of just sitting to admire the sun would be a waste of time. We need to be doing something, going somewhere or working towards a goal for our lives to be purposeful. 

Mindfulness teaches us to stop, to pay attention and to see from the inside out. Mindfulness helps us to develop a strong inner compass to navigate this ever changing world. 

When we start to pay attention, becoming ever more present in our lives we can start to experience life at its deepest levels. Intuition is not some fluffy new age concept or idea, it is awareness of the subtle stuff that lies outside of the focus of our normal attention. 

Intuition is the awareness of the unconscious mind. It’s awareness of what we already know

Through persistent practice we can develop our ability to trust our instinct because our instinct is also our inner wisdom. This does not mean we throw logic out of the window or stop living from a conscious level, it means we learn to listen to our gut a little more. We learn to silence our external world for a while so we can listen to what our internal world is trying to tell us.

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