Member of the Mindfulness Association

Our  ethos and values  are based on those held by the Mindfulness Association. We abide by the membership pledge which is to have a daily practice, embody Mindfulness and Compassion as core values in life, and to be kind and respectful to others. As a result, we are not only teachers, we are Mindfulness practitioners.

We believe that Mindfulness is a lifelong journey
-finding freedom in our minds to flourish in our lives.
— Mindfulness Association

It is our core belief that Mindfulness as a way of life can greatly enhance the quality of our life. Through embodying our practice we learn to develop an inner self calm.

We also adhere to the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teachers Good Practice Guidelines. This means we are regularly supervised by a more experienced Mindfulness Association tutor and continue to develop our practice through courses and retreats. 



Find out more information about the long-term systematic training in Mindfulness.

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