8 Week Mindfulness Based Living Course


MBLC - UK listed Course

We are accredited to deliver the eight week MBLC, one of a few courses recognised nationally in the UK Good Practice Guidelines. On completion of this course you will be awarded a certificate from the Mindfulness Association. Following on you can enter the teacher training pathway with the Mindfulness Association. 

About the MBLC

The MBLC is an eight week course, delivered through 2 hour sessions. Each session has a specific topic:

  • Introduction Session:What is Mindfulness and Why Practice it?

  • Week One: Start Where We are

  • Week Two: The Body as a Place to Stay Present

  • Week Three: Introducing Mindfulness Support

  • Week Four: Working with Distraction

  • Week Five: Exploring the Undercurrent

  • Week Six: Attitude of the Observer

  • Week Seven: Self-acceptance

  • Week Eight: A Mindfulness Based Life

Why the MBLC?

You don't need to be unwell or unhealthy to practice Mindfulness, you just need a genuine desire to live and feel better. Whether you are drawn to Mindfulness to ease stress, relieve depression, improve performance or even to achieve spiritual enlightenment, this mindfulness course is for you. 

We all experience challenges and struggles at times, it is part of being human. It is often impossible to control our external environment, things change in an instant and the unexpected can hit us at any time, the only choice we have is to learn how to live better with all that life may bring.  Mindfulness can help build our inner strength and reliance so that we are not dragged down so easily when life isn't the way we would wish it to be.

The MBLC is a preventative program, it can protect us from losing ourselves in the difficulties we face, it gives us the tools we need to slow down life and live in the moment. 

What makes the MBLC unique is it's focuses on self-kindness, self-compassion and kindness to others.

Through the course you will be introduced to guided meditations to help you develop your inner tranquillity. You will learn how to develop the capacity to stay calm in the face of external turbulence. You will learn how to bring self compassion and self kindness into your life.  Learning to be kinder to yourself for the first time in your life can be the most transforming part of this course.

What our courses include:

  • 18 hours teaching time

  • The MBLC manual (copyright of the Mindfulness Association)

  • Access to online guided meditations

  • Personal guided meditations at each session

  • A tutor who is accredited by the Mindfulness Association and adheres to the teaching standards for Mindfulness teachers in the UK

  • A UK Listed Mindfulness Teacher with experience in Mindfulness for Cancer, loss, depression, stress and anxiety. About Anna

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