Mindfulness for when your relationship breaks down

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It was my divorce that led me to Mindfulness, without it I feel that my journey would have been unbearable. - Anna 

With so many marriages ending in divorce and a high percentage of relationships breaking down, it is crucial that we find a way to cope with the devastation that this can cause. The Mindfulness Approach was set up by Anna following her own divorce and so this is an area of personal interest. 

You can read Anna's story here.

After a few sessions with Anna I finally knew what I had to do and found the courage to do it
— Angela


How can Mindfulness help with your break up?

If you are going through a breakup, divorce or separation then the emotions are probably deeply painful right now. I remember when I was going through my divorce, I didn't know where to turn. Lucky for me I did find Mindfulness and it did save me. How?

  1. Anger - learn how to deal with the anger before you react. Mindfulness will teach you to put space between your feelings and actions. 
  2. Acceptance - this can be the most difficult part of any break up, accepting that its over, accepting that it didn't work out the way we had planned it and accepting the disappointment and or betrayal. We will work on looking deeper into what happened, what was the reality rather than the "story" we believed.
  3. Anxiety and Fear - when our relationship breaks down we have so many challenges, especially if you invested everything into your relationship. We have insecurity, fear of the future, fear of being alone and a whole host of emotions that come with this. Through meditation and mindfulness practice we learn how to deal with these sensations as they arise, we learn to self soothe.
  4. Lack of self worth - a relationship break up can leave us feeling worthless, especially if our partner "betrayed" our trust. Mindfulness will put this into perspective, you are never "left" for another, there is always something else. 

Accepting that nothing is ever permanent, people change, circumstances change and we need to learn to let go when it's time to do so. 

As one of my teachers once said "if someone tells you they no longer want you, open the door and let them go. Then go find another one, a better one and if you can't, go on holiday!" I think that was the best advice I ever got, couldn't see it at the time but now I see it as the only option. 

Reach out - we are here for you

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Thank you very much for the Mindfulness course. Although I was part of the Mindfulness for Cancer group, I had also recently separated. The course helped me deal with my anger. All credit goes to you. Thank you again.
— Rathi