The mindfulness approach to your break-up

The Break-Up is a step by step approach to get you through this difficult transition. The ending of a relationship can turn your life up side down, leaving you stuck in a cycle of pain, anger, anxiety and panic. Life can feel crazy and out of control, like you have lost the ground below and reality becomes distorted. You don’t have to go through this alone, we are here to help.

The Break-Up is the healthy approach to recovering from the trauma of a relationship breakdown.


what makes The Break-Up unique?

The Break-Up is a Mindfulness Approach to getting through this challenging time. You will given expert support based on cognitive therapy and Mindfulness practices, designed specifically on the stages we go through when letting go of a relationship.

What You Will Get?

An eight week course taking you from the beginning of your break-up to feeling whole again.

Each week you will have access to a comprehensive teaching full of resources to challenge and guide you on this self exploration and self awareness journey.

  • Video teachings on topics such as acceptance, self compassion and attachment (full details below)

  • Guided Recorded Meditations to help you deal with panic, fear, anxiety and critical self talk.

  • Daily focused activities to help you get up and moving forward again.

  • Access to a private Facebook page

  • The chance to ask questions that are keeping you stuck.

  • Opportunities to engage with others going through the same or similar situation. In a non judgemental environment.

By the end of the course you will have tools you can come back to whenever you feel life is getting out of control or you are struggling with anything. Because The Break-up is more than a course, it will strengthen your inner resilience.

“It’s not a matter of letting go – you would if you could. Instead of let it go we should probably say let it be

The Break Up is for You If

  • You have recently gone through a break up or are going through it right now

  • You feel stuck in the past because of the heartbreak of a relationship break up

  • You are fed up of the advice and support that doesn’t really get to the core of your problem

  • You want to finally break free of limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living life to the full

  • You are committed to working on You and willing to hear some truths that perhaps you have been avoiding

  • And you want to finally start being at peace with yourself, to have full acceptance of you and to become your own best friend.

“You can not teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself” - Galileo

Course Outline:

Week by Week Lessons:

  • Lesson One – Awareness. Here you start to learn how to really pay attention to what is going on, to see the reality of what is so you can let go of the story you are stuck in.

  • Lesson Two – Acceptance. Learn to accept what is and what was, so you can create a new life, a better life. First comes acceptance, then comes moving on.

  • Lesson Three – Self Compassion. Let’s learn to love ourselves first, we can never get real love externally if we fight a battle with ourselves. Here you learn to become your own best friend, perhaps for the first time in your life.

  • Lesson Four – Anger. One of the the most painful emotions we experience when going through a break up is anger.Here we learn to come to terms with our anger, to deal with it without reacting in ways we will regret.

  • Lesson Five – Fear. In lesson five we deal with our fears, we face them and work through them. Finally letting go of what might be keeping us from moving on.

  • Lesson Six – Attachment. In lesson six we move onto more advanced work. This is where we start going deeper, exploring why we act the way we do and changing how we engage with our emotions, thoughts and feelings.

  • Lesson Seven – Compassion. Compassion towards those that hurt us can be extremely difficult to cultivate but imagine just how liberating it is? In week seven we explore compassion in a deeper sense.

  • Lesson Eight – Wake Up. And finally when you have worked through all the crazy, conflicting emotions, you move onto seeing things in a different way. Here you are taken on a journey to reconnect with what you want so you can create your new life based on your values.

And you also get:

  • Video Talks covering all the lessons and topics discussed above.

  • Daily activities to make you dig deep, explore you and embed what you learn.

  • Recorded Guided Meditations to help you get through difficult days, to help you control the need to react and to help you relax when you feel things are out of your control.

  • Access to private group where you can ask questions, express your feelings in a non threatening and non judgmental way. Get support from people just like you.

What you learn on this course will be carried into your life, to help whenever you feel overwhelmed. It will strengthen your inner resilience.

a few words from past participants

“Finally I can see how my relationship was holding me back” JA

“Anna helped me face some truths, things that I didn’t want to see and that kept me in a relationship that was making me very unhappy. Through working with Anna I was able to face my fears and finally asked my partner to leave. It was hard but now I am starting to build a life for myself that is based on my needs.” PC

“The course has helped me to let go of lots of negative feelings and thoughts. The course made me realise that I was holding onto bad feelings/ negative experiences. I was sad when the course ended as I feel that was a lot more Anna could teach us” – GD

Start Healing Today


The Break Up

  • 8 week online course

  • Weekly Video Teaching

  • Guided Meditations

  • Weekly Home Practice

  • Private Members Group


The Break Up Plus

One 40 Minute Private Online Session with Anna




How do I Access the course?

Once you sign up you will be given personal login details that will take you straight to the course. You can start straight away.

How long do I have to finish the course?

There is no time frame for you to finish the course, it will take as long as you need it to take. However it is better that you work through the course systematically so that you can benefit fully. The longer you take the more you are resisting moving on.

Each lesson is designed to take around a week; the reason for this is to allow the teaching to sink in before moving onto the next stage. It is important that you follow the structure as it is laid out so you can deal with each area fully before moving onto the next stage.

Must I share in the private group?

In addition to the online resources you get on this course, you are also given access to a private group of fellow participants. The group will give you the opportunity to share your experiences throughout the course. It will allow you to give and receive support from people going through the same or similar challenges. However it is entirely up to you how much you chose to share, it is your journey and you will not be made to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Do I continue to have access after I finish the course?

You can download all the resources, including the guided meditations so that you can come back to them whenever you wish. You will also continue to have access to the private group after the course.