Mindfulness for Schools

All schools to get a mental health unit

In October 2018 the government announced new mental health initiatives in response to the “Children and Young People’s Mental Health” Green Paper. Following the findings, the government has announced that every school must have a Mental Health Unit.

You can read more about Transforming Children and Young People’s Mental Health Provision on the government website.

Mental Health in schools

Following the consultation schools will be allocated funding to provide:

  • A designated, trained mental health lead in every school

  • Access to mental health teams to support the school

  • Reduced waiting time for young people to access mental health care

The report goes on to identify the need to address the impact of social media and the internet of the mental health of young people.

We have an enormous responsibility to support our young people to improve their wellbeing and mental health, Mindfulness can play a huge part in this.

Why Mindfulness in Schools?

Perhaps it’s best to let the children tell us what Mindfulness means to them.


To speak to us about how we can work with you please email anna@mindfulnessapproach.com or call on 07518018088

How we work with schools

We have a strong background in education with over ten years experience in the classroom, mentoring trainee teachers in collaboration with Middlesex University and several years as national education advisors. You can read out about Anna here.

We have worked in some of the most deprived schools in the country and understand the complexity of the different challenges schools face on a day to day basis. What we offer is the opportunity to look at your individual priorities and focus where the impact will be most beneficial.

It could be that we work with your senior leaders to help them better cope with the high level stress their role can invoke. Or with a group of teachers that the school would like to support and of course we working directly with your young people.

We will support your school to:

  • Empower students and staff

  • Address classroom behaviour disruption

  • Increase focus (students and staff)

  • Develop resilience and self regulation

  • Increase wellbeing and improve mental health

  • Exam stress and anxiety

  • Teacher work overload

We deliver workshops, courses and ongoing Mindfulness training to support staff and students in the school environment.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you address mental health and wellbeing in your school.

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