Mindfulness can help people who are going through divorce, separation and other relationship problems.


If you are struggling with your current or past relationship then Mindfulness can help you deal with your emotions, the constant anxiety and help you to begin to deal with what's ahead. 

The Mindfulness Approach is experienced in working with people recently separated or divorced. We understand how difficult it can be to move on, to start over and let go of the pain.


Anna helped me face some truths, things that I didn’t want to see and that kept me in a relationship that was making me very unhappy. Through working with Anna I was able to face my fears and finally asked my partner to leave. It was hard but now I am starting to build a life for myself that is based on my needs.
— Penny
Around 42% of marriages end in divorce, of these half will end within the first 10 years - Office of National Statistics - UK 2015

These statistics do not include long term or even short term relationships. And however we may see things, any relationship ending can take its toll on us. Sometimes these affects can be life changing and sometimes we can stay stuck in emotional turmoil.

Considering that the causes for much of our pain stems from a relationship of one type or another, we owe it to ourselves to learn to communicate better. We owe it to ourselves to learn how to be when we are in a relationship. But more importantly we need to know when it's time to move on, to let go and stop letting our relationships take away our happiness.

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