Mindfulness in the workplace to improve performance and productivity

Mindfulness in the workplace

Some of the most successful international companies are using Mindfulness to promote well being in their organisation. 

Google who has been offering Mindfulness to their staff since 2007. So far over 1,000 Google employees have participated in Mindfulness training, with evidence to prove it's positive impact. 

I’m definitely much more resilient now as a leader. I listen more carefully and with less reactivity in high-stakes meetings.

I work with a lot of senior executives who can be very demanding, but that doesn’t faze me anymore.

It’s almost an emotional and mental bank account. I’ve now got much more of a buffer there
— Richard Fernandez - Google

In the UK mental health has become increasingly difficult to address. 

In 2015/16 stress accounted for 37% of all work related ill health cases and 45% of all working days lost due to ill health. - HSE 2016

Companies such as BT have introduced well being programs to help support their workers to deal with work place stress, anxiety and depression. In October 2016 the Mindfulness Initiative published its report recommending Mindfulness in the workplace be explored as a way to tackle many well being and mental health challenges. 

Mindfulness is not just about mental health. Centrica Storage Ltd considered the argument that mindfulness should become a condition of employment. The premise is that accidents could be prevented by ensuring all staff are trained to be mindful at work. This would ensure they adhere to the safety procedures and take more personal responsibility. 

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Mindfulness indeed can change attitude and outlook, leading to increased self awareness and self reflection. 

there are two elements to mindfulness

Formal Mindfulness

Meditation is what is most commonly associated with Mindfulness, this is what we call the formal practice of Mindfulness. Whilst meditation is an extremely beneficial and fundamental part of Mindfulness, on it's own meditation does not necessarily change attitude and behaviour.

Informal Mindfulness

Informal Mindfulness is focused attention to habits throughout daily life. This is done by developing mindful awareness of self and the environment around us. Together these two elements are what transform your life experience.

Collective mindfulness in the workplace has far more impact in an organisation that individual mindfulness.

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