About Anna Zannides

to the Mindfulness Approach.

I'd like to share a little bit about the story behind the Mindfulness Approach.

In 2013 I was made redundant from my job as a national education adviser for a multi-academy chain. The run up to my redundancy was stressful to say the least and was preceded by several months of work-place bullying.

Shortly after and out of the blue, my thirty year marriage ended. To say that this was a difficult time is an understatement. All I can say is that I didn't know how to cope and to help I just started reading whatever came my way, searching for something to help me deal with the pain. One book that really resonated with me was "When things fall apart" by Pema Chodron. But whatever I did I could not stop the anxiety and panic attacks. I felt like I'd lost all reality, nothing was true anymore. 

I am a fortunate to have had a close connection with the Buddhism since a young age. It is part of my life that seems to have been with me throughout, maybe my karma, who knows? So it felt very natural to jump straight into Buddhism to help me deal with my difficulties after my divorce. I let my need to run take me to Nepal, travelling alone for the first time and to a place I had never visited before. It was here that I started to be totally immersed in the wise words of Tibetan Buddhism and from this point that I began to learn about Mindfulness. 

I started attending every Mindfulness course run by the Mindfulness Association that I could because through these courses I began to feel a sense of relief. And here I am, a several years later, fully recovered (well as far as anyone can be) and teaching others Mindfulness. A UK Listed Mindfulness Teacher, working with people from all walks of life. 

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When my marriage ended, I suffered from severe anxiety and depression. Through my Mindfulness practice, I developed an inner strength and made peace with my past. To this day, I continue to learn and explore and deepen my practice.
— Anna Zannides
 Nepal - September 2014

Nepal - September 2014

ANNA's work experience

My background is in education. I taught in secondary schools in London and Hertfordshire for a decade. I worked with Middlesex University as a lead mentor on the teacher training program and then went on to a national role, supporting schools across the country.

Before entering the teaching profession I worked in the Civil Service, Off Shore companies in Cyprus and run my own business. 

Anna's Accreditation

I am am accredited by the Mindfulness Association to teach the Eight week MBLC and a UK Listed Mindfulness Teacher, having completed the teacher training pathway as follows:

  • Teaching Skills Certificate (Level 2) - training includes
    • Mindfulness Based Interventions Teaching Assessment Criteria (MBI-TAC) Domains
    • Rationals for MBLC practices and for the course as a whole
  • Responding with Compassion (Level 2)

As an accredited Mindfulness teacher I am bound by the good practice guidelines for Mindfulness Teachers. I attend at least one five day retreat a year and two CPD events. I am committed to my own professional development in order to provide the best possible service to people I support. 

Other Accreditation:

  • Masters in Teaching
  • PGCE in Secondary Education
  • BSc in Computer Science
Mindfulness is living purposefully
— Anna Zannides